Algebra2 Resources Subscription
is a creative collection of over 310 (and growing) printable and multi-media materials to be used with students studying a second year of high school algebra and trigonometry.  These resources are designed to be used by teachers and parents to energize students' mathematical experiences.

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Profits from the sale of these materials are donated to our local animal shelters.
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Comment from user:
"I love the rigor these materials provide. They are just what we need for the CCSS. Students are required to think about problems other than the traditional test bank questions. Thank you!"
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     With over 60 years of combined teaching experience (to date), we offer to you all of our creative, engaging, and exciting materials which have been, and continue to be, successful in the mathematics classroom.  We have also included materials we have shared with other educators at teacher conferences and workshops along with some of our personal teaching strategies and suggestions.
     We chose this subscription format because it allows us to continually add and update materials. In addition, the subscription format brings you the largest number of materials in the most cost effective way.
  Fred and Donna
These materials will be updated to the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics
in the summer of 2015. We are following the NYS timeline for the introduction of the CCSS.
To avoid disrupting your current use, no major category changes will take place until the upgrade.


All materials categorized
by topic.
The Algebra 2 Resources Subscription includes:
     • creative, content specific worksheets, activities, and puzzles.
     • a range of Algebra 2 & Trig materials appropriate for all levels of learners.
     • the "Ah-Bach" Series content-related worksheet puzzles.
     • the "Let Go of the Eggo" Series content-related worksheets.
     • materials for best utilizing the TI-83/84+ and TI-Nspire calculator.
     • directions and activities for using calculator peripherals.
     • directions for creating inexpensive classroom manipulatives.
     • on-line interactive games/activities for use in the classroom.
     • holiday materials.
     • generic teaching strategies.
     • all answer keys.
     • the on-going addition of new resources (There is definitely more to come!)  
Nearly all files are in .pdf format and require free Acrobat Reader. 

The Algebra 2 Trig Subscription materials are compatible with all high school
Advanced Algebra/Algebra 2 curricula, including the new NYS Algebra2/Trigonometry curriculum.  

The following samples will give you a flavor of the over 310 worksheets and activities
in the subscription area.

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All sample materials below are to be used only by individual teachers in their own classrooms.  These materials are not public domain and are not to be re-posted to the internet, distributed at conferences or workshops, or sold in any form.  Such use is a violation of copyright law and is not considered "fair use" for educators.  
Please refer to the complete Terms of Use.

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The .pdf  files require free Adobe Reader. 

Logging Time Sudoku (Clued Sudoku)
Answer questions about logarithms to fill cells in a Sudoku puzzle making the puzzle easier to solve. Finish the solution using the rules for working with Sudoku. An on-line interactive version is also available at
Solve radical equations and match answers to decode a hidden message.
Students work in pairs to complete the worksheet. When finished, their answers should be the same, but not in the same order. Topics: Summations, Arithmetic, and Geometric Sequences
Students complete a table of information regarding various quadratics equations in the hope of discovering a pattern for finding the sum and the product of the roots of quadratic equations.
Students use the graphing calculator to investigate the domains of various functions and relations.
Students use their graphing calculators to investigate rate of grouth and decay and exponential regressions. Questions include analyzing the equations' variables, extrapolation and interpolation. Two worksheets with a Calculator Help sheet.
(Answer sheets for these materials are included in the subscription.)

If you have questions about the Algebra2 Resources Subscription,
please e-mail: 

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