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Geometry Resources Subscription
is a creative collection of over 695 (and growing) printable and multi-media materials to be used with students studying high school level Geometry as it relates to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for Mathematics. Great care was taken to ensure the alignment of these materials with the CCSS domains. While we may not address each standard independently, we do, in the spirit of CCSS, address them collectively. Our motivational materials and math-rich interactive activities will grab your students' attention and energize their mathematical experiences. Be sure to check out our Table of Contents.
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Comment from user:
"Used your materials for my first year with Common Core Geometry and my students' scores were fantastic!! The practice tests and materials really prepared them well. My students and I thank you!!!"
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     With over 60 years of combined teaching experience (to date), we offer to you all of our creative and engaging materials and strategies which have been, and continue to be, successful in the mathematics classroom.  Also included are materials we have shared with educators at teacher conferences and workshops and our personal teaching methodologies. We chose this subscription format because it allows us to continually add and update materials, in a format which brings you the largest number of materials in the most cost effective way.
  Fred and Donna
The NEW CCSS Geometry Resources Subscription includes:
• materials aligned in each of the CCSS domains (& more).
• materials for multiple levels of learners ("easy" to "challenging")
• creative, content specific worksheets, puzzles, activities (not drill and kill).
• our "Math Caching" games relating to specific content topics.
• a wide variety of on-line interactive games/activities.
• ALL materials/activities/games are iPad (touch screen) compatible.
• materials for TI-83+/84+ in keeping with the PARCC calculator policy.
• holiday materials.
• teaching strategies.
all answer keys.
• the on-going addition of new resources (There is still more being developed!)
Nearly all files are in .pdf format and require free Acrobat Reader. 
The Geometry Subscription materials are compatible with high school Geometry curricula. The following samples give you a flavor of the over 695 (and growing) worksheets, activities and interactive materials.
Geometry Subscription Samples:
All sample materials below are to be used only by individual teachers in their face-to-face classrooms.  These materials are not public domain and are not to be re-posted to the internet, distributed at conferences or workshops, or sold in any form.  Such use is a violation of copyright law and is not considered "fair use" for educators. Please refer to the complete Terms of Use.
Rigid or Not Rigid Transformations
  Students graph reflections, translations, rotations, dilations and combinations to determine if length and angle measure are preserved.
Vertical Angles and Rotations
  Students supply reasons for a transformational proof that vertical angles are congruent. 
Pair Share - Beginning Trig Twisters
  Students work in pairs to solve each side of the worksheet. When finished each side will yield the same answers, but not in the same order. Topic: Beginning Trigonometry
Slope Criteria for Perpendicular Lines
  Students supply reasons for the steps in a geometric/algebraic proof of the concept that perpendicular lines have negative reciprocal slopes (both ways).
Spheres in Play
Students find diameter, radius, surface area and volume (forward and backward) for a series of sports' balls and find density to see if they float in water.
Ah Bach - Quadratic Systems
  Students answer multiple choice questions pertaining to systems: linear, linear-quadratic (parabola and circle). Answers are used to decipher a hidden message.
(Answer sheets for these materials are included in the subscription.)

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Profits are donated to our local animal shelters
and to support

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