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Geometry Resources Subscription
is a creative collection of over 330 (and growing) printable and multi-media materials to be used with students studying a first year of high school geometry.  These resources are designed to be used by teachers and parents to energize students' mathematical experiences with geometry.

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Profits from the sale of these materials are donated to our local animal shelters.
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"I had great mastery results this year and contribute it to the wonderful activities and sheets I was able to get from your site. Thank you for all your hard work!"
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     With over 60 years of combined teaching experience (to date), we offer to you all of our creative, engaging, and exciting materials which have been, and continue to be, successful in the mathematics classroom.  We have also included materials we have shared with other educators at teacher conferences and workshops along with some of our personal teaching strategies and suggestions.
     We chose this subscription format because it allows us to continually add and update materials. In addition, the subscription format brings you the largest number of materials in the most cost effective way.
  Fred and Donna
The Common Core State Standards for Mathematics upgrade is in development and will open this summer.
To avoid disrupting your current use, the major category changes will not take place until the CCSS upgrade.
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All materials categorized
by topic.
The Geometry Resources Subscription includes:
     • creative, content specific worksheets, activities, and puzzles.
     • a range of Geometry materials appropriate for all levels of learners.
     • the "Ah-Bach" Series content-related worksheet puzzles.
     • the "Let Go of the Eggo" Series content-related worksheets.
     • materials for best utilizing the TI-83/84+ and TI-Nspire calculator.
     • directions and activities for using calculator peripherals.
     • directions for creating inexpensive classroom manipulatives.
     • on-line interactive games/activities for use in the classroom.
     • "MathCaching" by topic games.
     • holiday materials.
     • generic teaching strategies.
     • the option to request personalization of materials.
     • all answer keys.
     • the on-going addition of new resources (There is definitely more to come!)  
Nearly all files are in .pdf format and require free Acrobat Reader. 
The Geometry Subscription materials are compatible with all high school Geometry curricula, including the new NYS Geometry curriculum.   The following samples will give you a flavor of the over 330 worksheets and activities in the subscription area.
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All sample materials below are to be used only by individual teachers in their face-to-face classrooms.  These materials are not public domain and are not to be re-posted to the internet, distributed at conferences or workshops, or sold in any form.  Such use is a violation of copyright law. 
Please refer to the complete Terms of Use         
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The .pdf  files require free Adobe Reader. 
Reasoning with Rules
  Worksheet of numeric-based questions where students state the associated rule used to solve the problem. A pre-proof warm- up
 "Ah-Bach" Transformations
  An "Ah-Bach" style worksheet/puzzle dealing with reflections, translations, dilations, rotations, isometries, and glide reflections. Students match problems with answers and solve a puzzle. 
 Pair Share with a Twist - Mean Proportionals in Right Triangles
  Students work in pairs to solve each side of the worksheet. When finished each side will yield the same answers, but not in the same order
 Finding Distances with Matching Answer Activity
  Worksheet with accompanying on-line activity for checking answers.  Can be done with, or without, the on-line activity.
 Working in 3-D: Sudoku
Students answer clues regarding work with three dimensional situations to fill in cells of a Sudoku puzzle.The task is finished when students solve the remaining Sudoku puzzle. Level of the puzzle, with questions completed, is "easy".
An interactive version is available at
 Cut Up Grid for Parallel and Perpendicular
  Students cut apart a grid puzzle and reassemble the grid matching the equations of parallel lines and perpendicular lines.  If finished correctly, a new square grid will be formed.
(Answer sheets for these materials are included in the subscription.)

If you have questions about the Geometry Resources Subscription,
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