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A subscription to Junior Math Resources contains over 560 (and growing) categorized educational resources for immediate use in your junior math classroom or with your home schooled student. New materials are added each month to each of our subscription areas. Subscription holders are entitled to access JrMath Resources, in accordance with the license agreement, for one full calendar year from the date of their subscriptions. 
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Profits are donated to our local animal shelters.

Junior Math Topical Categories:
Standard designations relating to concepts within each category are listed on the right.
Ratios and Proportional Relationships:
• Ratio & Proportions
• Measurement
• Percentages
6.RP.1, 2, 3a,b; 7.RP.2a,b,c,d
6.RP.3d; 7.RP.1
6 RP.3c;
The Number System:
• Fractions & Decimals
• Signed Numbers (absolute value)
• Factoring (numerical & algebraic)
• Real Numbers (order of ops, prop, rationals)
• Irrationals and Radicals
6.NS.1,2,3, 7.NS.3
6.NS.5, 6a,b,c,7a,b,c,d,8; 7.NS.1a,b,c, 2a,b
6.NS.4, 7.EE.1
6.NS.4, 7.NS.1d,2c,d,3; 8.NS.1
8.NS.2, 8.EE.2
Expressions and Equations:
• Exponents, Scientific Notation
• Numeric & Algebraic Expressions
• Equations & Inequalities
• Graphing Lines
6.EE.1; 8.EE.1,3,4
6.EE.2a,b,c,3,4,6; 7.EE.1,2
6.EE.5,7,8; 7.EE.3,4a,b; 8.EE.7a,b,8b,c
6.EE.9; 8.EE.5,6, 8a
• Geometric Relationships
• Right Triangles, Pythagorean Theorem
• Area, Perimeter, Volume
• Transformations
7.G.1,2,5; 8.G.5
6.G.1,2,3,4; 7.G.3,4,6; 8.G.9
Statistics and Probability:
• Data & Statistics
• Probability
6.SP.1,2,3,4,5a,b,c,d; 7.SP.1,2,3,4; 8.G.1,2,3,4
• Functions

Additional Categories:
• Beginning of Year Review and End of Year Review
     (These materials are segmented into specific Grade 6, 7, and 8 levels.)
• Extras • Logical Reasoning • Holidays • Using the Calculator
• Teaching Strategies • Using Algebra Tiles

Interactive On-Line Materials:
• Games (jeopardy, souped up Bingo, ...)
• Super Games (bells, whistles, scoring, ...)
• Caching Games (topic specific)
• CrossWord & CrossNumber Puzzles
• Clued Sudoku Puzzles
• Clued Word Searches
• Egg0 Interactive Games

• Matching Games

• Reality Math

with more new games in development

All interactive games are content specific.

Note: ALL Interactive On-Line Materials are iPad (touch screen) compatible.

arrownewleft How to Subscribearrownewright
Profits are donated to our local animal shelters.
As part of your subscription, you may submit requests for alterations to specific items or requests for the
creation of new items. While we may not be able to honor all requests, we will take all requests under consideration.


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