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Information on Arrays

The following items are available for this unit on the Resource CD for Educators:


  • Hardcopy handouts of the lesson notes for each of the on-line lesson pages and demos. (25 pages)


  • Calendar with lesson layout


  • Worksheet Creating Arrays (with answers)
  • Worksheet Functions and Arrays (with answers)
  • Worksheet Parallel Arrays (with answers)
  • Worksheet Searching Arrays (with answers)
  • Worksheet Sorting Arrays (with answers)
  • Worksheet Matrices (with answers)


  • Rescue Lenore Project (handout with sample .cpp answer)
  • Sound of Music Project (handout with sample .cpp answer)
  • Torn Tickets Project (handout with sample .cpp answer)
  • Celebrity Project (handout with sample .cpp answer)
  • Tic Tac Toe Project (handout with sample .cpp answer)


  • Multiple Choice Quiz (with answers)

Unit Test:

  • Unit Test for Arrays
    (multiple choice, code interpretation and explanation, and coding questions with answer key)