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On-Line Lessons: 


On-Line Practice:


The following items are available for this unit on the Resource CD:

  • Hardcopy lesson handout sheets for each of the on-line lesson pages (10 pages)

  • Calendar with lesson layout

  • Conditional Worksheet (with answers)

  • More Work with Conditionals (with answers)

  • Logical Operators Worksheet (with answers)

  • Switch Worksheet (with answers)

  • Beginning Breezy Conditionals (with answers)

  • Programming Assignments Breezy Conditionals
    (with answers)

  • Quiz - Short Response Conditionals (with answers)

  • Quiz - Logical Operators (with answers)

  • Quiz - Switch (with answer)

  • Computer Abuse (with sample .java answer file)

  • Magnet "IF" Activity (cut up pieces and directions)

  • Stations Activity for Review (group review activity with worksheets, answer sheets, directions and answers)

Unit Test:
  • Unit Test for Conditionals
    (with questions, answer sheet and answer key)


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