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The following items are available for this unit on the
Java Resource CD:


  • Hardcopy lesson handout sheets for each of the on-line lesson pages (15 pages)


  • Calendar with lesson layout


  • Course Tri-fold Brochure (explains the course, assignments, grading, extra help, virus checking, room rules, working at home, etc.)
  • Java with JBuilder - Quick Reference Guide
    (tri-fold brochure explaining how to use JBuilder)


  • Introductory/Parent Presentation - (. ppt) Appropriate for Parents' Night at School or as an Introduction to the Course.  Customized to match the web-site in design and color.  Contains information on course objectives, resources, grading, assignments, class procedures, virus checking, and more.


  • Number Bases Practice Sheet (with answers)
  • Number Bases Worksheet (with answers)
  • Practice Sheet Using JBuilder (with .java answers)
  • Creating & Debugging Programs (with answers)
  • Coding Problems Set 1 (with answers)
  • Coding Problems Set 2 (with answers)
  • Hardcopy Vocabulary Crossword Puzzle
    (with answers)
  • Review Sheet Matching Puzzle (with answers)
    (part of the MathBits' "Ah-Bach" Puzzle Series)


  • Dino Diction Project (with sample .java answer)
  • Spaceship Activity (group activity for understanding the importance of clearly explaining and organizing code)

  • Bingo Game for Review (with teacher questions, answer list, generic bingo card and directions)

  • Number Bases Quiz (with answers)

  • Multiple Choice Quiz (with answers)

Unit Test:
  • Review Sheet Study List for Unit Test

  • Unit Test for Data Basics
    (with questions, answer sheets and answer key)

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