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Our Java CD is not available at this time (as of 6/13/16). These resources are being re-designed to be compatible with Eclipse. Please stay tuned for our new up coming offering.

Beginning Java Course
Resource CD

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Beginning Java Course Resource CD for Educators - $149.00 + s&h

For:  Teachers, HomeSchoolers, Independent Learners

The "Beginning Java Course Resource CD for Educators" is a comprehensive package of materials designed for teaching/learning a full year course at the beginning Java level.  These user-friendly materials are appropriate for students from grade 7 to adult. 

Created for educators who would like to:

  • offer a course at the beginning level without a textbook purchase.
  • offer a home schooling course in Java programming.
  • supplement and enrich an existing beginning level course.
  • offer an enrichment course.
  • offer a course with 24-7 internet access for all students to free lessons.
  • have access to complete classroom teaching materials and activities with answers.
  • have access to creative materials designed to inspire beginning programmers.
  • have the ability to personalize pre-made materials if so desired.
  • make the teaching of programming a truly exciting and enjoyable first course.

While these materials are designed to be used in conjunction with the free on-line Java lessons, Beginning Java, (and cover the same topics), access to the web based materials is optional.  All teaching materials, including handouts of lesson notes, are included.

These materials are my interpretation of what I find to be the best teaching ideas for beginning programmers from a multitude of sources.  These materials do not parallel a single textbook, but can work in conjunction with just about any book.  The worksheets, classroom activities and projects are more creative (fun) than most textbook assignments, in the hope of maintaining student interest in programming without sacrificing a solid foundation.  In addition, these materials are in editable document form (as opposed to .pdf form or hardcopy).  When I started teaching Java, I would have loved to have had pre-made materials that were editable, should I want to tweak a handout or project.

All materials needed to instruct a beginning course in Java are contained on the CD.  Over two hundred items (lesson notes, worksheets, brochures, activities, quizzes, tests, answer keys, PowerPoints) are offered in Microsoft Office (2003) formats (.doc, .pub, .ppt) and .java.   These materials were developed using JBuilder with BreezyGUI.  If you are not using BreezyGUI, you will need to edit the coding to fit your IDE.

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