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Beginning Java Course Resource CD
for Educators

Document Formats:
  . ppt = MS PowerPoint 2003
  . pub = MS Publisher 2003
  . java = JBuilder source code
  . doc = MS Word 2003

These materials are designed
              to be used:

or in conjunction with the on-line materials at

* These materials were developed using JBuilder with BreezyGUI. If you are not using BreezyGUI, you will need to edit the coding to fit your IDE.

The "glory" of these materials is that being in document form they can be personalized by the teacher.  Questions can be easily tweaked, deleted or tailored to the whim of the instructor, if so desired.
Resource CD
In addition to the teaching materials listed on this page, the CD also contains hardcopies of all lesson notes that appear on-line.  Hardcopy lessons will allow the course to be completely independent of the on-line materials, if you so wish.  These copies are condensed as much as possible (without sacrificing content, layout or readability) to conserve on your number of paper handouts.

All lesson notes, worksheets and assessment materials are prepared in a user-friendly manner with accompanying clipart/diagrams, clearly stated questions, and interesting topics, in the hope of creating an enjoyable course and encouraging students to continue their interest and studies in computer programming.

Please read the License Agreement, as these materials are being "licensed" and not "sold".   

If you have questions about this CD, please e-mail

Introductory and Support Materials for the Course

  1. Tri-fold Class Information Brochure - (. pub) Includes descriptions of resources, assignments, grading procedures, extra help, virus checking, room rules, working at home, and required downloads.  An appropriate first day handout for students.
  2. Tri-fold Brochure for Using JBuilder Software - Quick Reference Guide - (. pub)  A "How to" guide for using JBuilder for creating projects, writing programs, saving programs, opening existing programs, and closing programs.  A quick reference guide for those first days of using JBuilder.
  3. Introductory/Parent Presentation - (. ppt) Appropriate for Parents' Night at School or as an Introduction to the Course.  Customized to match the web-site in design and color.  Contains information on course objectives, resources, grading, assignments, class procedures, virus checking, and more.
  4. Course Outline - (. doc) Descriptive outline of this full year course including student objectives.
  5. Teaching Strategies - (. doc)  Things I have found that work well with beginning programmers.

(all files listed below are . doc unless otherwise specified)

Grading for this course is designed to be a combination
of class labs, projects, quizzes and tests by unit.  Check out the "Teaching Strategies" for some suggestions on handling the multitude of class labs.  Other grading conventions are also possible and the decision is left to the instructor.  Materials are provided for class labs, projects, quizzes and tests by unit.  Answer keys contain explanations, full java code, and/or snippets of java code, while .java answers contain the full code only.

Unit 1 - Introduction
      Hardcopy Lesson Handouts
    for all on-line lessons.

1.  Calendar
with lesson layout
2.  Number Bases Practice Wkst     (with Answer Key)
Number Bases Worksheet  (with Answer Key)
4.  Number Base Quiz (with Answer Key)
5.  Group Activity Draw Spaceship -demos program development process
6.  Java Lab Sheet for beginning work with JBuilder (with .java answers)
7.  Worksheet Creating and Debugging Programs
(& Answer Key)
8.  Worksheet Coding Programs Set 1 (& Answer Key)
9.  Worksheet Coding Programs Set 2 (& Answer Key)

10. Quiz - Multiple Choice
(with Answer Key)
11.  Project Dino Diction Program Handout
- sample answer in
. java
12.  Crossword Puzzle (& Answer Key) hardcopy to match on-line version
13.  Matching Review Puzzle (& Answer Key) from the "Ah-Bach" puzzle series.
.  Bingo for Intro Vocabulary -     word list, teacher direction page, blank generic Bingo card
15.  Unit 1 Topics to Review List
16.  Unit Exam (with Answer Key) 
Unit 2 - Data Basics        

      Hardcopy Lesson Handouts
   for all on-line lessons.

1.  Calendar
with lesson layout
2.  Worksheet Exercises with Data Basics (& Answer Key) 

3.  Tracing a Program worksheet
(& Answer Key)
4.  Cut-Up-Pieces Activity -
sequencing of proper coding
5.  Worksheet for Strings (& Answer Key)
6.  Using Compound Operators
(& Answer Key)
7.  Quiz - Tracing Programs
(& Answer Key)
8.  Worksheet Thinking Math (& Answer Key)
9.  Worksheet Dealing with Decimal Output in Java (& Answer Key)
  Project Movie Inventory Handout
-sample answer in
11.  Piggy Bank Program - handout and sample answer:  PiggyBank .java
.  Quiz - Multiple Choice (with Answer Key)
13.  Let Go of That Egg[0] Review Activity  - directions, worksheet, answer key and  Secret Code
14.  Unit 2 Topics to Review List
15.  Unit Exam
(with Answer Key) Three parts:  questions, answer sheet with additional questions, and programming assignment. 


Using BreezyGUI     
     Hardcopy Lesson Handouts
   for all on-line lessons.

1.  Calendar
with lesson layout
2.  Beginning Breezy Template handout
3.  Sample program handouts

4.  Worksheet Java Programs Using Breezy Drop Down Boxes (& Answer Key) 
Unit 3 - Conditionals

      Hardcopy Lesson Handouts
    for all on-line lessons.

1.  Calendar
with lesson layout
2.  Worksheet Conditionals (with Answer Key)
3.  Worksheet More Work with Conditionals  (with Answer Key)

4. Quiz - Short Response for Conditionals
(with Answer Key)
5.  Magnet IF Activity - directions, and manipulative pieces.
.  Worksheet Logical Operator (with Answer Key)
7.  Quiz - Logical Operators (with Answer Key) short response and programming

8.  Worksheet Switch (with Answer Key)
.  Quiz - Switch (with Answer Key)
10.  Worksheet Beginning Breezy Conditionals (with Answer Key)
11.  Worksheet Programming Breezy Conditionals (with Answer Key)
12.  Project Computer Abuse Handout - with sample answer in
13.  Stations for Review
- Teacher Directions, 6 colored stations  (ready for protectors), answer sheet, key
14.  Unit Exam (with Answer Key, Question pages and answer sheet)

Unit 4 - Looping

      Hardcopy Lesson Handouts
    for all on-line lessons.

1.  Calendar
with lesson layout
2.  Worksheet Increment/Decrement  (with Answer Key)
3.  Worksheet WHILE (w/Ans. Key)
4.  Worksheet Ending Loops
(with Answer Key)
5.  Quiz - Loops with Break
(with Answer Key)
6.  Mini-Project Vacation Mileage - (with sample .java answer)
.  Worksheet DO-WHILE  (with Answer Key)
8.  Worksheet FOR  (with Answer Key)
9.  Quiz Looping Fragments (with Answer Key)
10.  Breezy Drop Down Boxes for Looping (with .java answers)
11.  Worksheet - Nested FORs  (with Answer Key)
.  Quiz - Multiple Choice (with Answer Key)
10.  Looping Game for Review -  A set of 8 colored programming stations (ready for protectors), directions and answer sheet.
12.  Project - Pilot Simulator (with .java sample answer)
13.  Unit Exam (with Answer Key) Questions and answer sheet
Unit 5 - Methods

       Hardcopy Lesson Handouts
    for all on-line lessons.

1.  Calendar
with lesson layout
2.  Warm Up Card Activity - to show the process of method calling
3.  Worksheet Style 1 and 2
  (with Answer Key)
4.  Lab Programs Style 1 and 2 (with Answer Key)
5.  Worksheet Style 3 and 4  (with Answer Key)
6.  Lab Programs Style 3 and 4 (with Answer Key)
7.  Method Quiz (with Answer Key)
8.  Project Rainbow Paint Store (with .java answer) 
9.  Unit Exam (Questions and Answer Key)
Unit 6 - Arrays

     Hardcopy Lesson Handouts
    for all on-line lessons.

1.  Calendar
with lesson layout
2.  Worksheet Arrays (with Answer Key)
3.  Worksheet Working with Numbers (with Answer Key)
4.  Project Detective Program (with  .java answer)
5.  Worksheet Arrays, Methods, Sums, Percentages
(with Answer Key)
6.  Project Histogram Program (with .java answer)
7.  Worksheet Orange Sequential Search (with Answer Key)
8.  Worksheet Sorting Arrays 
(with Answer Key)
9.  Worksheet Sorting and Searching Arrays (with Answer Key)
10.  Project FBI Program (with .java answer)
11. Project Database Sorting Program
 (with .java answer)
12.  Worksheet Matrix Movie Banners
(with Answer Key)
13.  Quiz on Arrays
(with Answer Key)
14.  Worksheet After Quiz
(with Answer Key)
15. Project EyeBall Video Store Program
 (with .java answer)
16. Project University Program
 (with .java answer)
17. Worksheet Matrices
 (with Answer Key)
18.  Project Deadly Desert Map Program
(with .java answer)
19.  Multiple Choice Quiz (with Answer Key)
20.  Unit Exam Arrays
(Questions with Answer Key)
Unit 7 - Graphics

      Hardcopy Lesson Handouts
     for all on-line lessons.

1.  Calendar with lesson layout
2.  Worksheet Basics (with Answer Key)
3.  Worksheet Drawings (with Answer Key)
4.  Worksheet 3-D Drawings (with Answer Key)
5.  Worksheet Repetitive Drawings (with Answer Key)
6.  Worksheet Animated Arrows (with Answer Key)
7.  Worksheet Line Graphs (with .java answer)
8.  Worksheet Bar Graphs (with .java answer)
9.  Worksheet Pie Graphs (with .java answer)
10.  Worksheet Menu Driven Graphs (with .java answer)
11. Worksheet Mazes (with .java answer)
12.  Worksheet Tilt Mazes (with .java answer)
13.  Project Pac Man Wannabe Program (with .java answer)
14.  Unit Exam Programming Assignment (with .java answer)


End Year - Final Exam

1.  Calendar
2.  Final Assessment Handout
- with sample answer in .java
3.  Handout cards for graphic portion of the exam
(enough for 30 students)
 Final Assessment Questionnaire - hand written portion of the exam, with answer key


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