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BreezyGUI is a graphical user interface package that allows beginning programmers to
easily create simple graphical user interfaces for their programs (and more).
It was developed by Dr. Kenneth Lambert and Dr. Martin Osborne
(from Washington & Lee University and Western Washington University respectively).
This course will only be touching on a few of the many uses of this versatile package.

Be sure you have downloaded and installed the Breezy files before continuing.
If you need help with the installation, refer to Unit 1 - Installing JBuilder and Breezy.

On-Line Lessons:


The following items are available for this supplemental unit on the Resource CD:


  • Hardcopy lesson handout sheets for each of the on-line lesson pages (6 pages)


  • Calendar with lesson layout


  • Java Programs using Breezy Drop Down Boxes
    (#1-7 with answers)

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