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Working with Trigonometric Ratios

When first learning about the Trigonometric Ratios, you will be working in Degree mode.  The calculator will default to Radian mode, so ....

start by setting the calculator's MODE to Degree!!!!

Note:  If the calculator is set in Radian mode and you wish to find an angle in Degrees, you can insert a degree symbol after the number of degrees in the angle.  The degree symbol is found under 2nd APPS (Angle) #1 °.  Only that one entry will be calculated in Degrees -- all others will remain in Radian mode.

Find  sin 35°

  Set MODE to Degree

Type entry on the Home Screen

  You may be asked to round this answer to a specified value.

    If not asked to round, state the full value as the answer.

  If further calculations are needed, keep this full calculator value and continue working.

Find <A to the nearest degree, given cos A = 3/5

 Set MODE to Degree

Type entry on the Home Screen.
Hit 2nd  cos  to get the cos-1

  Rounding answer to the nearest degree gives 53°.


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