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January 2017, Volume 11, Issue 1

Happy New Year!
It should be an interesting time for public education.

In New York state we know that the SED drafted amended CC standards (DRAFT Standards for Mathematics) prior to the election. The question is will we continue down this new amendment path, or will there now be "different" changes coming.

Notice: I received the official notice (12/5/16) that the RegentsPrep web site,, has been taken down due to hardware failure. The site will not be returning. Fred and I have worked on that site since 1998. The site was "locked" in 2012 so authors could not edit the site or add new materials (due to security issues) which meant the site could not be updated to Common Core. Please let your colleagues who used the site know that the site is permanently down. Thank you.

* MathBitsNotebook web site:

Algebra 2:
• The Function Concepts section is up and running.
• The Function Graphs section is up and running.
• The Trig Concepts is under development.

Note! For non-NY folks, we have not forgotten the Probability section at this level. Since this topic will appear in both Geometry and Algebra 2, we will attack both at the same time. Please stay tuned.


* MathBits web site:
Programming in Java:
Update! • The change-over to compatibility with Eclipse (an IDE that is free for school districts and students) continues. In keeping with the new States' changes of allowing Computer Science for graduation credits in mathematics, we will also be updating our resources to include more mathematical references. In addition, we are adding a variety of on-line activities. No final launch date has been set, but we are more than half-way to completion.

Subscription Areas:

NOTE -- Student Generic Passwords Changing!
On or near January 7th, the student generic passwords for accessing the on-line games will be changing. Please check the "Interactive Section" for the new information.

* Junior Math Bits and Algebra 1 Bits Subscriptions:
• We are continuing with upgrades to certain images throughout the JrMath and Algebra1 resources. As we obtain access to more print-friendly images, we are attempting to upgrade these two levels of materials.
Update! The "PokeMon Go-like" game is still in development. We are attempting to make our questions compatible with the new upcoming NY standards. We are planning on separate games for Grades 6, 7, 8 and Algebra1. Please stay tuned.

* Geometry Bits 2 Bits Subscription:
Update! Your PokeMon Go-like game is still in the works.

* Algebra 2 Bits Subscription:
Update! With the completion of the Function Concepts and Function Graphs sections under the Notebook, you now have 5 new hardcopy worksheets for each of these two sections. These worksheets match the Practice pages from the Notebook.
• Your PokeMon Go-like game is still in the works.

Live long and love math,
Fred and Donna


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