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July 2017, Volume 11, Issue 7

Happy Summer!!!

We're Moving to a New Server! We think we have FINALLY solved the volume access problem some schools have been experiencing with our subscription games (including the caching games). Our server company technicians have repeatedly tried various options to solve the problem to no avail. A group of the technicians are confident that the issue can be permanently solved with a move to a different server which will allow for new access configurations. We have begun the transfer.

Please be aware that during this move our web site materials may be off-line periodically during stages of the transfer. We are hopeful that this move will solve the access problems that some schools have experienced. Thank you for your patience.

NY Draft Standards:
DRAFT Standards for Mathematics to be tested in 2019.
These are still listed as "drafts" as of 7/15/17.
When the final revisions are released, we will begin adjusting the Notebook materials and the Subscription materials to reflect any changes. We plan to "add" any new items (or "new to subject" categories), while leaving in place what is already available. Designations will be included for concepts specific to the new NY standards.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MathBits web site:
OPEN! Beginning Java Programming w/ Math Flair is now open. Our past CD resources have been updated to the Eclipse IDE and enhanced with more mathematical items. The resources are now in subscription form (the CD is no longer available). In addition, the free Java lesson site,, is also open.

Summer Stuff:
Our summer updates and new creations have begun.
• Jr Math and Algebra 1 Subscriptions now have updated appearances on select materials (new clipart, photos, diagrams, ...).
Still working on:
• finalizing the PokeMon Go activities for the math areas
• initiation of on-line quizzes with results in hardcopy or emailed to instructor
• inclusion of more of our "hidden in our file cabinets" materials across levels

Next Big Undertaking:
We have been trying to decide whether to go full speed ahead with PreCalc or to back up and develop a Jr Math section for the Notebook.
Since we initially began this on-line adventure over a decade ago with the hope of offering materials for PreCalc and Calculus, we are always pulled in that direction. But, we have a bit of a dilemma regarding PreCalc: what type of curriculum (if any) will we follow??? Will it be Engage NY's rather "odd" curriculum? Will it be the CLEP curriculum? Will it be the curriculum our personal schools followed? Will it be a combination of curricula? We have decided to ask our followers what they hope the content will cover. If you would like to have input on what content topics we should include in PreCalc, please send us an email. Main topic headings will be sufficient. subject "PreCalc".

While we are trying to decide on the content for our PreCalc, we will be starting some of the Jr.Math Notebook pages, hoping they can be developed quickly (which is usually never the case). Smiles!


Live long and love math,
Fred and Donna


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