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Algebra 1 Resources Subscription Information
If you subscribe to Algebra 1 Resources, you will have access to over 370 (and growing) categorized educational resources for immediate use in your algebra classroom or with your home school student. 

New materials are added each month to each of our subscription areas.
Topic areas containing "new" entries will carry the designation of "* " during that month. 

Algebra 1 Topical Categories:

Common Core State Standards for Mathematics updates are now being added (labeled CCSS).
To avoid disrupting your current use, major category changes will not take place until the summer of 2013.

Real Numbers (signed numbers, order of operations, divisibility, primes, Venn diagrams, number operations, properties, absolute value, distance, ...)
Logical Reasoning
(general thought provoking materials / puzzles, ...)
Algebraic Expressions (verbal, algebraic, evaluating, ...)
Linear Equations
(solving equations algebraically, verbal sentences, literal equations, solving graphically, absolute value, slope, slope-intercept, point-slope, standard form, linear regression, ...)
Inequalities & Linear Inequalities (inequalities one variable, compound, graphs; linear inequalities, graphs, ...)
Applications Using Equations (age, coin, integer, area, distance, work, ...)
Relations and Functions (evaluating, domain, range, notation, graphs, ...)
Exponents & Exponential Functions (working with exponents, numerical and algebraic forms, scientific notation, decay, graphs, ...)

Systems:  Linear, Inequality, Linear Quadratic (add/subtract, substitution, graphing, calculator use, checking, word problems, ...)
Polynomials and Factoring (add, subtract, mult., divide; factor leading coeff. 1 and not 1, factor by grouping, word problems, ...)
Quadratics (equations, factors, roots, graphs, turning points, transforming parabolas. matching equations with graphs, projectile motion, ...)
Radicals & Pythagorean Thm (simplify, add, subtract, mult., divide, applying Pyth. Thm, triplies, ...)
Trigonometry (sin, cos, tan, inverses, working in triangles, angle of elevation / depression, apps, ...)
Rational Expressions & Equations (numerical and algebraic work, simplify, add, subtract, multiply, divide, ...)

Area, Perimeter, Volume (including surface area, applications, relationships to changing variables, numerical and algebraic problems, error in measurement, ...)
Probability (empirical, theoretical, sample space, factorial, permutations, and, or, at least, exactly, replacement, ...)
Statistics (central tendency, line of best fit, extrapolation, inerpolation, box & whiskers, scatter plots, histograms, quartiles, percentiles, IQR, linear regression, ...)
End of Year Review (content review in the form of puzzles, activities, worksheets, games, including NYS RCT review, ...)
(more useful goodies such as opening day warmup, famous mathematicians, matrices, ...)
Algebra Tiles (slide show presentation and 14 worksheets)
Holidays (14 major holiday worksheets / activities based on Algebra 1 content)
Teaching Strategies (22 ideas that help keep students engaged while delivering meaningful content)
Calculator Specifics (calculator specific information and materials - TI-83+/84+/Nspire)
Interactive Materials - Algebra 1 content driven (colorful and engaging interactive on-line materials for whiteboard use or projection in class, teacher demos, computer lab work, laptop work, or assigned work: games, bingos, jeopardy styles, crossword puzzles, crossnumber puzzles, clued word searches, clued sudokus, topical caching games, maze searches, Eggo, and more).

Subscription holders are entitled to access Algebra 1 Resources,
in accordance with the license agreement, fo
r one full calendar year
from the date of their subsriptions.

MathBits' Privacy Statement: 
We will not disclose any information about our customers to third parties.

How to Subscribe to Algebra 1 Resources

License Agreement

A subscription to Algebra 1 Resources, from, signifies that you have read and agree to the terms of the following License Agreement.  Note that these subscription materials are "licensed" and not "sold".  You are not purchasing the copyright to these materials. 

arrow rightNOTE: The re-posting of any Subscription Area materials on the internet is NOT allowed.
The ONLY exception is the re-posting of our original, unaltered, .pdf files to an internet location
which is password protected for access by your current classroom students only.arrow left

Please read carefully
before purchasing!
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Algebra 1 Resources
(A subscription license is granted to ONE person.)
1 Subscription

Within a single School District: 
                              (purchase orders only)
                      2 - 4 Subscriptions
                  5 or more Subscriptions
Prices are in U.S. Dollars.
New York State residents must pay 8% sales tax (to be added).

Profits from the sale of these materials are donated to our local animal shelters.


3 Ways to Purchase a Subscription

1. Check or Money Order
     You may purchase a subscription with a check or money order.  Print the Personal Order Form (requires free Adobe Acrobat Reader ), complete the form, and mail with a check or money order to the address at the bottom of the order form.  Please print clearly.  You will be notified by e-mail, when your check clears the bank (usually 10 to 14 days).  At that time, you will be e-mailed your username and password and your subscription will be activated.   (International orders please use PayPal.)


2. On-line PayPal - the fastest way to get your Subscription up and running!
               Your log-in information will be e-mailed to you within 24-48 hours.
You may purchase a subscription by paying on-line with a credit/debit card using PayPal's fast, free and secure payment system. 

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When we receive notification from PayPal of your order, you will be e-mailed your username and password and your subscription will be activated.  

We welcome international orders through PayPal only.

3. Educational Purchase Order
     You may purchase a subscription using a school district purchase order.  Print an School Order Form, complete the form, and send, with a copy of your signed purchase order, to the address at the bottom of the order form.  We will send an invoice to your billing department.  NOTE:  subscriptions will NOT become active until the purchase order is paid, which may take several weeks or months if your school does not issue pre-paid purchase orders.  When payment is received, you will be e-mailed your username and password and your subscription will be activated.

School district orders MUST specify the name and e-mail address of each person obtaining a subscription license. holds:
a New Jersey Business Certificate for school transactions in the state of New Jersey (#1529263).
a New York City Department of Education (FAMIS) system vendor number FRE619807.

If you have questions about the Algebra 1 Resources subscription,
please e-mail - Frederick and Donna Roberts
712 County Route 3, Fulton, New York 13069 (USA)   315-593-3726
e-mail:    fax:  315-593-1350


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