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This site is designed for beginning programmers who are studying the Java programming
language using Eclipse. Emphasis is on Java application programming.
This site is using Java SE 8 with JDK 1.8 (Java 8) with Eclipse Version:
Neon Release (4.6).

Teacher Resources:
Java Subscription

Full Year Curricular Materials with Testing
Note:  These materials have been designed to coordinate with Eclipse. In addition, emphasis has been placed on a mathematical flair in keeping with computer programming being used as a high school mathematics graduation requirement.

This site does not cover all of the topics needed for the AP Computer Science Examination.


Units of Study
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Set Up: Installing and Using Eclipse
• Unit 1:  Introduction
• Unit 2:  Data Basics
Unit 3:  Conditionals
• Unit 4:  Looping
• Unit 5:  Methods
• Unit 6:  Library Methods
• Unit 7:  Files
• Unit 8:  Arrays
• Unit 9:  Graphics Drawing
• Unit 10: GUI

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