How to Purchase a MathBits' Subscription
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Purchasing any Subscription means that you have read and agree to our License Agreement.

Please Read the License Agreement:
Purchasing a subscription from signifies that you have read and agree to the terms of the following License Agreement.  Note that these subscription materials are "licensed" and not "sold".  You are not purchasing the copyright to these materials. 

arrow right NOTE: The re-posting of any Subscription Area materials on the Internet is NOT allowed.
The ONLY exception is the re-posting of our original, unaltered, .pdf files to an Internet location
which is password protected for access by your current classroom students only. arrow left

Please read carefully
before purchasing!
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MathBits Subscription Resources
(A Subscription License is granted to ONE person.)
1 Personal Subscription

Within a single School District: 
             (purchase orders only)
          1 Subscription            
          2 - 4 Subscriptions of ONE subject
          5 or more Subscriptions of ONE subject
$34.95 / each
$29.95 / each
New York State residents must pay 8% sales tax (to be added).

Subscription holders are entitled to access a MathBits Subscription area, in accordance with the
License Agreement, for one full calendar year from the date of activation of the subscription.

MathBits' Privacy Statement:  We will not disclose any information about our customers to third parties.

4 Ways to Purchase a Subscription
For Individuals        For Schools

For Individuals:

1. Check or Money Order
You may purchase a subscription subject area with a check or money order.  Print the Personal Order Form (requires free Adobe Acrobat Reader ), complete the form, and mail with a check or money order to the address at the bottom of the order form.  Please print clearly.  You will receive notification of your renewal, or new account, by e-mail, when your check clears the bank (usually 10 to 14 days).  (International orders please use PayPal.)
NOTE: Personal Orders are subject to an 8% sales tax for New York state residents (which must be added to your total).

2. Establish an Account and Place Order through PayPal  
If you create an "Account", you can purchase subscriptions as you create your account.
To create an "Account", choose ENTER button from any subject area main page,
or go to

Create an Account

Note: At bottom of the Login form
"Not registered yet? Signup here"

Payment method through PayPal will follow the Signup Form.

3. Credit Card Orders by phone

If you prefer, you can call us directly to purchase your account using your Personal Credit card, or a school credit card. Please call us at 315-593-3726 to complete the transaction. If we are not in the office, please leave a message and we will return your call.

For Schools:

4. Educational Purchase Order
You may purchase a subscription using a school district purchase order.  Print a School Order Form (below), complete the form, and send, with a copy of your signed Purchase Order, to the address at the bottom of the order form. We will send an invoice to your billing department. School district orders MUST specify the name and e-mail address of each teacher obtaining a Subscription License.
Quotes available upon request (please supply subject area and number of subscriptions needed in each area).
Sole source letter availabe upon request.

NY Education Law 2-d Rider <Click here> holds:
a New Jersey Business Certificate for school transactions in the state of New Jersey (#1529263).
a New York City Department of Education (FAMIS) system vendor number FRE619807.

If you have questions about the subscriptions,
please e-mail

Profits from the sale of these materials are donated to local animal shelters
and used for the continuation of our "free" MathBitsNotebook site.  
shelterdog - Frederick and Donna Roberts
712 County Route 3, Fulton, New York 13069 (USA)   315-593-3726
e-mail:    fax:  315-593-1350


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