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January 2020, Volume 14, Issue 1

  Happy New Year 2020!

For All Folks - New Standards Icons for all Sites

• Notebook:
You will be seeing "the beginnings" of our "standards designation" system as we update to coordinate with the NY Next Generation Mathematics Standards, while also maintaining the Common Core State Standards for folks outside NY. The icons are designated in each section, and JrMath and Algebra 2 already have some content labeled.


ATTENTION Student Password Update:
The student generic usernames/passwords have been changed for January. Please check the Interactive Materials page in your subscription to find the new log-in information.

• Subscription Areas: All subscription sections are now displaying the changes being brought by NY Next Generation Standards (click the "main" headings in the Table of Contents). Changes will be appearing slowly throughout the content this year.

• JrMathBits Subscription: Your section already has its first icons connected to content, along with some new additions and some adjustments to existing materials.
NEW: Super Game - Paper Football-Ratios (grade 6+)
NEW: Super Game - Percents Wheel Spin (grade 6+)
NEW: Game - Counting Sheep Bingo - Ratios, Rates, Proportions

• Algebra2Bits Subscription: You have an advantage for the updating. As we are working on the PreCalculus, we are coordinating with the Algebra 2 section. As such, we are trying to upgrade your Algebra 2 section as much as possible as we go. You will see the icons appearing in the subscription content, and there will be new additions and some adjustments to existing materials. For example, if an icon designates NCMS, the content will not contain 3x3 systems or references to parabola focus/directrix. Some pre-existing materials have been altered to meet this designation.
NEW: Lucky Lottery Bingo - Complex Numbers
NEW: Eggo Game - Quadratics - updated to NCMS
NEW: Eggo Game - Polynomials - updated to NCMS

• AlgebraBits & GeometryBits Subscriptions: Don't worry! We are working on updating your sections also. The beginning updates are not quite ready yet for posting. There are some new materials still being worked on for the first sections in your content.


• PreCalculusBits Work (Notebook & Subscription)
We are working on the PreCalculus materials. As you know, we are trying to develop the Subscription and Notebook sections at the same time, so that when it opens you will have all resources available at once.
We are including materials to address:
1. Common Core Fourth Year
2. NextGeneration (Plus) for New York state
3. CLEP-PreCalculus (College Level Examination Program)
4. Several extra topics from our high school courses
5. Several extra topics from our college
PreCalculus courses
We think we will have addressed "all" of the special topics that you have requested we include.


We have so many things we want to add to our materials. We just keep finding more and more materials in our files and in our imaginations that we want to add. If there were only more than 24 hours in a day, we might be able to get it all included. Nevertheless, we will keep working at it. Smiles!

Live long and love math,
Fred and Donna



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