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June, 2023, Volume 17, Issue 6

Windows 11, Beware!

We bought a new Dell computer this past spring. Four weeks ago, while editing a file, the computer shut down and would not restart. Dell assistance spent weeks with us trying to get this computer up and running again. Dell assistance contributed the crash of drive C to an automatic update to Windows 11. Prior to the crash, the computer had displayed some "quirky" mannerisms - strange file loadings, strange file savings, strange "jumping" around with in document, strange printer connections, strange closings, etc.
So, beware! It appears that Windows 11 is "buggy".

Algebra 1 Updates!
We are in the process of refreshing our materials and updating to increase compatibility with NY Next Generation standards. Changes are being made concurrently to the Subscription area and the MathBitsNotebook. While we got slowed down with our computer crash, we are now back at work.

References to CCSS materials will remain for our out-of-state users who have patterned their curricula on those standards.
To minimize interference with your current use of our materials:
• no
MathBitsNotebook pages will be removed until their updates are completely finished. New pages will appear as they are completed.
• no current
MathBits Subscription materials will disappear, but may undergo updates. New materials are appearing. Materials are being classified as Next Generation, CCSS, review, and/or extra.
Each major heading area has a link to a page listing all amendments and new materials.

*** We purposely will not interfere with any End of the Year materials, should we get to that point by June. We will hold those materials until after the 2023 testing periods.

Attention JrMath Sub
scription Folks!!!
Comments so far have been very positive regarding the updates.
(There will still be occasional new additions.)
We hope that you find the new materials and upgrades helpful.
We tried our best to assign materials by grade level, but remember that you can cross over into any of the three grades levels at any time.
Please let us know if you run into any problems, or if you have any requests. Contact:


Geometry and Algebra 2 FOLKS: Now that our updating is in the high school arena with single courses, our pace is moving more quickly. We feel confident, at this point, that we will be able to finish updates to these areas prior to Next Gen testing in that area.


PreCalculus: We apologize again for pushing PreCalculus back. As we have stated, the problem with PreCalculus is it's size - so many topics due to so many varying school curricula. We have a good start, but there is still an enormous amount left to do.
With the arrival of the new Next Generation standards, it would not have been possible for us to finish PreCalculus and update for Next Gen before the Next Gen testings were underway. So, we chose to update first. Again, we apologize. Know that we truly LOVE this area and we will get it going.

Live long and love math,
Fred and Donna



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