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Algebra 2 Resources Subscription
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An Algebra 2 Resources subscription contains over 690 (and growing) categorized educational resources for immediate use in your classroom.  Subscription holders are entitled to access Algebra 2 Resources, in accordance with the license agreement, for one full calendar year from the date of their subscription activations.
New materials are continually added to our subscription areas.  

The Algebra 2 Resources are designed for use with a variety of curricular outlines.
These resources are compatible with Common Core State Standards for Mathematics
and with the NY Next Generation Mathmatics Standards.  

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Profits are donated to our local animal shelters
and to support MathBitsNotebook.com.

Algebra 2 Topical Categories:
Please note: Your License states that these materials are not to be re-posted to the Internet or redistributed. Any Internet re-posting must be to a password protected directory for access by your students only.
Please refer to the complete Terms of Use regarding your License Agreement. Thank you!. 

Read about our "Topic Standards" information at High School Math Topic Standards.
Topic Standards:        rc NGMS   blacktriangleCCSS CCSS (will be available for 2020-2021) .

Number & Quantity: Standards:
Radicals & Exponents
•N.RN.1,2; N.Q.2; A.REI.2; F.IF.7b
Complex Numbers
• N.CN.7; A.CED.1,2,3; A.REI.1,4b,7;  GPE.2;F.IF.8a,9
• A.APR.1,2,3,4,5; F.IF.7c; A.SSE.1a,b,2; A.REI.6; N.CN.8,9

• A.APR.6,7; A.CED.1; A.REI.2
• A.SSE.3c; A.CED.1; F.IF.7e,8b; F.LE.2,4,5
Absolute Value
• A.REI.11; F.IF.7b;
Sequences, Series
• A.SSE.4; F.IF.3; F.BF.1a,2; F.LE.2;
Function Concepts
• F.BF.4a; A.REI.11; F.IF.5
Function Graphs
•F.IF.4,6,7b,9; F.BF.1b,3

Trigonometry Concepts
Trigonometry Graphs
•F.TF.1,2,5; F.IF.7e
Statistics & Probability:
Statistical Data
•S.ID.4,6a; S.IC.1,2,3,4,5,6

• S.CP.1,2,3,4,5,6,7; S.MD.6,7

Additional Categories:
• Beginning of Year Review
End of Year Review
• Teaching Strategies
• Extras • Logical Reasoning • Holidays • Using the Graphing Calculator

Interactive On-Line Materials:
(all content specific and mathematically engaging)
• Games (jeopardy, bingo, feud, lost, search...)
• Super Games (sound, scoring, game atmosphere, ...)
• Caching Games (topic specific)
• CrossWord & CrossNumber Puzzles
• Clued Sudoku Puzzles
(topic clues)
• Clued Word Searches (topic clues)
• Egg0 Interactive Games (props or on-line)
• Matching Games (various styles)
• Reality Math (good for project development)
16 On-Line Quizzes (students submit
hardcopies or have results emailed to teacher)

More activities are always in development.
All interactive games are content specific.

Note: ALL Interactive On-Line Materials are iPad (touch screen) compatible.

Currently 87 interactive activities and growing.

Interactive activities require a modern browser: IE9+/10, Safari 5+, Firefox 12+ Opera 11.6+, Chrome 8+.

NBSlogo Algebra 2 Section of http://MathBitsNotebook.com
Your Algebra 2 Resources Subscription will contain hardcopy worksheets of the interactive practice pages from our free "student" website MathBitsNotebook. This site is designed as a notebook-style lesson page and practice page resource for students (and teachers) studying Algebra 2.

arrownewleft How to Subscribearrownewright
Profits are donated to our local animal shelters
and to support MathBitsNotebook.com.
As part of your subscription, you may submit requests for free alterations to specific items or requests for the
creation of new items. While we may not be able to honor all requests, we will take all requests under consideration.


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