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Creating a JMenuBar

In Swing, the JMenuBar class displays a menu bar on the window or frame.
The JMenu class is a pull-down menu displayed from the menu bar.
The JMenuItem class adds a labeled menu item.



reddot JMenuBar( ) - creates a new menu bar
reddot JMenu( ) - creates a menu, a pop-up window containing JMenuItems which are displayed when the user selects a choice from the JMenuBar.
reddot JMenuItem( ) - creates an item in the menu. When selected by the user, it will perform some action.


reddot Steps to orgainzing a Menu Bar:
1. Create a
2. Attach
JMenu to the bar
3. Add
JMenuItems to the JMenu
4. Add
JMenuBar to the panel

Note: The JMenuItems are added to the JMenu, which is added to the JMenuBar, which is added to the JPanel. Only the JMenuBar is added to the JPanel.

Create and Activate a JMenuBar:

Example: The user is given a menu-drop-down EDIT showing four choices. The user picks a choice which triggers a message to be displayed.



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